Questions about licenses

In the Tiger.Trade terminal there are 4 types of licenses:

  • Trial—a trial license for 14 days with full functionality and an embedded Playback feature. Historical data for all the symbols is limited by the last 10 days.

  • Crypto License (FREE)—a free and unlimited license for cryptocurrency trading only. The symbols of stock exchanges and FOREX are not available, as well as Playback features.

  • Full Access License—a full paid license without any restrictions or limitations with an embedded Playback feature.

  • Tiger.Trade History Player—a training license that shows historical data but does not allow trading or monitoring the charts on real-time data.


Where can I find information about my license?

In your personal account on the website.

If my license is expiring or has already expired and I buy a new one, will it be combined with the old one?

No, it will be a new license. But you can ask for them to be combined by contacting support.

How quickly after paying for a license does it start working?

Trial license is activated upon the first login.

History Player and Full Access License are activated immediately at the time of purchase rather than at the first login.

Do I need to “unlink” the license when transferring the terminal to another device?

No, you don’t need to unlink the license. You simply log in with your license details on the new device.

If I have a referral account on Binance, can I trade cryptocurrency with a free license?

With a Crypto License (FREE) you will not be able to trade in Binance with a referal account. To achieve it you should use a Full license.

An alternative option to gain the ability to trade both Spot and Futures on Binance is to register in Tiger.Trade Broker. It will also allow to reduce trading commissions by up to 30%.

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