Licenses and login

Depending on the license type, you'll get access to different features and market types available in the Tiger.Trade Windows terminal.

Users can choose from 4 available licence types:

  • Trial License — a complementary 14-day license granting the full access to the terminal's features; historical data is limited to the last 10 days, Player functionality is available.

  • Crypto License (FREE) — a free lifetime license allowing to trade only on the cryptocurrency market; Player functionality is not available.

  • Full License — a paid license that opens the full access to the terminal's features; features Player mode.

  • History Player License — a license allowing to use the in-built training module; users can only see the historical data, trading and live market data aren't available.

You can find more detailed information about different license types on the Prices page.

You can browse the list of your licenses in your account on the Tiger.Trade website. Upon registration, users receive the complimentary lifetime Crypto license and a 14-day trial license, which allows trading on stock, futures, options markets, and Forex. Once the trial period ends, users are required to purchase the Full license to continue trading stocks, futures, options, and on Forex.

You can log in to the terminal with the email address and password used for registration, or with your license credentials, which can be found in your account.

When logging in, indicate the server that you want to connect to. When a connection to the main terminal server cannot be made, you can connect to the backup one to download the history for the playback and charts.

Please note that the choice of a server for logging into Tiger.Trade depends on the license type:

For example, if you specify the “Main 1” server, but you only have a crypto license, then you will not be able to log in.

Specify “Automatically” in the server selection field in order not to store which servers are suitable for which licenses. It will then connect to an available server based on your license: if one of the servers is unavailable, the terminal will automatically connect to the next available one.

After successfully logging in, you may proceed to set up your workspace.

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