Selecting a symbol

Tiger.Trade Windows allows selecting a symbol in multiple ways.

The desired symbol can be selected from the drop-down list, which can be opened with:

  • Hotkey to open the symbol selection element.

How does symbol search work

  • In the case of stock exchanges, the ticker of each futures contract in Tiger.Trade Windows consists of three parts: - contract name - expiration month - expiration year

To find a contract with the desired expiration date, you can refer to the table below:

[table screenshot]

Let's take the ticker RiZ23 as an example: in this case, Ri is the name of the futures contract, Z is the expiration month (Z - December), 23 is the expiration year (2023).

  • Instead of the full name of the futures contract, you can use the base name (for example, Ri instead of RiZ23). When choosing the base name of the futures, the terminal will display a general contract consisting of several separate contracts (the so-called "glue"), at the end of which the current contract is automatically added as the previous one expires. Also, note that trading will be available only when selecting individual contracts.

  • After entering the name, you can navigate through the list of matches either with the mouse or with the Up / Down arrows on the keyboard. The key combination Shift + Up / Down allows you to quickly move through the list.

  • If you have created a list of favorite symbols, they will be shown in this window.

  • To show only connected cryptocurrencies when searching for a symbol, enable the “Hide unconnected cryptocurrencies” option in the Basic settings → Other section.

  • If you want the symbol name query to always be in English regardless of the keyboard layout used, toggle the “Ignore keyboard layout when searching for a symbol” option in Basic Settings → Other.

  • If, when entering the symbol name with a separator, you only want to see the list of symbols with this separator, toggle the “Take separator into account when entering symbols” option in Basic Settings → Interface.

Favorite symbols

Symbol settings


Commission Type

Select the commission write-off type from two values in the drop-down list: Fixed or Percentage.

Broker Commission

A known value of the commission that the broker takes for the operation is set.

Exchange Commission

A known value of the commission that the exchange takes for the operation is set.

Hotkey Switch

Assigns a hot key to the symbol from five available.

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