To work in Real and Simulator modes, you need to set up one of the connections to receive real-time exchange data.

To start displaying quotes, charts and order books in real time, as well as to make trading operations, you need to set up a connection.

Tiger.Trade Windows offers connections to cryptocurrency exchanges through a direct connection using their API. User can also connect to the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, ICE, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, MOEX, SPBEX and EUREX stock exchanges, and Forex using third-party trading terminals.

To configure the connection, go to the top menu and go to File → Connections → Configure. Select a cryptocurrency exchange or terminal and set up the appropriate connection. Detailed instructions for setting up connections are available at the links in the table below.

To place a color indicator for a connection in the right corner of the interface, go to the Connections window and, in the connection name column, click on the circle and select the appropriate color.

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