Bybit via Tiger.Trade Broker

Tiger.Trade Broker allows you to reduce trading commissions on the Bybit exchange by up to 30%, as well as use the Tiger.Trade Windows cryptocurrency license for free without any limitations.

  1. Register on the Tiger.Trade Broker website (if you haven't registered yet) and log into your account.

The personal areas of Tiger.Trade Broker and Tiger.Trade Windows are separate and independent from each other. To continue using the service, you need to have accounts in both personal areas.

  1. Create API keys in the Tiger.Trade Broker personal area by completing the necessary settings, and save the public and private keys in a secure place - they will be required for further connection.

  2. Pass through the KYC verification and connect two-factor authentication to enhance the security of the account and the safety of funds.

  3. Launch the Tiger.Trade Windows terminal and in the main menu select File → Connections → Setup:

  4. In the window that opens, click the Create new connection button and from the list that appears select Bybit via Tiger.Trade Broker:

  5. In the window that opens enter API Key and API Secret keys you got when creating the API in step 2:

  6. Click Connect to Bybit via Tiger.Trade Broker to establish a connection.

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