MetaTrader 5

In the Tiger.Trade Windows terminal, you can connect to MetaTrader 5 to access trading shares and futures on popular exchanges, including MOEX and CME, as well as FOREX market instruments.

Some of the available brokers:

Setting up MetaTrader 5

Copying experts in MetaTrader 5

  1. Start MetaTrader 5.

  2. In its main menu click File - Open Data Folder. In next window navigate to \MQL5\Experts.

  3. Copy files TigerTrade.Data.ex5, TigerTrade.Expert.ex5 and TigerTrade.Mt5.dll from folders according to your system (see table below) to the folder opened on step 2.



С:\Program Files (x86)\TigerTrade\Connectors\Mt5\


С:\Program Files\TigerTrade\Connectors32\Mt5\

  1. Restart MetaTrader 5.

Adding advisors to charts

  1. In main menu click Tools - Options and navigate to Expert Advisors. Check permissions Allow automated trading and Allow DLL imports.

  1. Open any chart and add TigerTrade.Expert expert advisor. It will make trades. It's important to take into account the following:

  • Do not try to add any other advisors to this chart, or both Tiger.Trade Windows advisors at once, as only one advisor is allowed on the same chart.

  • When adding advisors to the schedule, be sure to enable the algorithmic trading for the correct work of advisors, as indicated in the screenshot below.

  1. Open any other chart and add TigerTrade.Data expert advisor. These advisers will transfer market data including ticks and DOM.

  2. Ensure all expert advisors are ON.

For any application changes in MetaTrader5, you must restart this terminal to apply the changes.

Starting Tiger.Trade Windows

  1. Start Tiger.Trade choose from menu File - Connections - Setup.

  2. In opened window click “+” Create new connection and choose MT5.

  3. In the next window, in the dropdown list select the path to the MT5 terminal. If you use only one instance of MT5 you can leave "Detect path automatically" option.

Setup completed. If the setting was done correct, a message will appear that the connection to the MT5 terminal is set. After a restart, MetaTrader 5 launches Expert Advisors automatically. If this does not happen, repeat adding Expert Advisors again.

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