Connecting Tiger.Trade Windows to the QUIK terminal

You can use the connection via QUIK with any broker that provides a QUIK terminal for trading. The most popular brokers:

Configuring the connection to version 9 of QUIK :

1. Open Main menu → Settings → General settings. In the left part of the window opens select Program → Receiving data and make sure that Receive data every 10 seconds option is not active. If this option is active, disable it by clearing the checkbox.

2. Open Main menu → System → Data request → Available instruments. Select the instruments you're going to use. Check if the parameter filtering option is active for the selected instruments and disable it if so.

3. Open Main menu → Data request → Request data for anonymous trades. In the window that opens select the instruments you're going to use. If the list is empty or you can't find necessary instruments, please ask your Broker to connect them.

4. Start QUIK and open following windows, if not yet. To open window choose Main menu → Create window → All types and select the necessary types.

  • Quotes

  • Time and sales

  • Orders

  • Stop orders

  • Trades

  • Positions in instruments

  • Cash positions

  • Client account limits

  • Client account positions

  1. In the Quotes window, add all instruments you're going to use.

  2. In the Time and Sales window add all instruments you're going to use. Make sure the broadcasting of trades is active for the selected instruments otherwise the charts will not be updated. Some of the brokers provide broadcasting of trades only upon an additional request.

  3. Open Main menu → Services → Lua scripts. In the window that opens click on Add and select the following file - С:\Program Files (x86)\TigerTrade\Connectors\Quik\TigerTrade.Quik.lua.

    Click Run. Wait for the script execution to end (green arrow should appear).

If an error occurs while running a lua script, please try to select another available script from the drop-down list by clicking on the Run button.

Configuring the Tiger.Trade Windows terminal to work with QUIK

  1. Start Tiger.Trade choose from menu File → Connections → Setup.

  2. In opened window, click "+" Create new connection and choose QUIK.

  3. In the next window, select the path to the QUIK terminal. If you use only one QUIK terminal on your PC you can leave Authomatically detect path option active. For some brokers, after trying to place the order, an error message "Client code is missing" may appear. In this case, select the "Add client code to the account" checkbox and restart the terminal. Click OK.

Setup completed. If the settings are correct you'll receive a message that the connection to the QUIK terminal has been established. Next time the connection will be established authomatically after executing Lua-script in the QUIK terminal.

You can also familiarize yourself with the features of the QUIK version used.

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