Telegram alerts

Users can receive notifications, which they set up in indicators, and get notified right in Telegram upon execution of a trade.

Setting up Telegram alerts requires a few steps:

1. Creating a bot in @BotFather for sending notifications from the Tiger.Trade terminal

1. In the search bar of the dialog screen in the Telegram messenger, you need to enter the name of the bot generator: @BotFather.

2. In the dialog screen that opens, go to the Menu → /newbot to create a new bot.

3. @BotFather will request the name of your new bot for notifications. Once you have entered the name into the text field, you need to send the message.

4. Next, enter a username for the bot, which must end with _bot. The name must be unique.

5. If you have completed all of these steps correctly, BotFather will generate a token in the following format: number:code. This will be provided in the second paragraph of the message from the bot and will be highlighted in a dark blue color. You need to save this value.

  1. Follow the link from @BotFather, which leads to the created bot and click on the "Start" button to activate it:

2. Obtaining a Telegram ID

Messages from the Tiger.Trade terminal can be sent to the TG bot and to the channel (TG group), depending on your choice.

In order to receive notifications to the TG bot created in the first step, you need to get a User ID (step 2.1 of this instruction), then go to step 3. Step 2.2 should be ignored in that case.

In order to receive notifications to the TG channel (group), you have to get the Channel ID (step 2.2), then go to step 3. Ignore step 2.1.

2.1 Obtaining user ID in @userinfobot

  1. You need to open the Telegram messenger and enter the name of the information bot in the search bar: @userinfobot.

  2. In the dialog screen that opens, enter /start or press the Start button (or the Restart button if you’ve used the bot before).

You will receive a message in response containing information about your account:

@unklfrank // User nickname

ID: 520741679 // User ID

First: Frank // First name on Telegram

Last: Mohn // Last name on Telegram

Lang: Eng // Selected interface language

You need to save the numerical value of the user ID from the response that you receive.

2.2 Obtaining a Channel ID

  1. First, add the Telegram bot to the list of administrators for your channel and activate "Post messages" permission for it

  2. Forward any message from your channel to @userinfobot

  3. You will get a response, containing a negative channel ID, for example: @channel_name Id: -1001879704261 Title: Channel name

  4. Copy the negative channel ID (it is highlighted in orange in the example above) from the response you get from the bot, including the minus sign. This ID uniquely identifies your channel. Make sure to save it for the subsequent configuration steps.

3. Setting up Telegram alerts within Tiger.Trade terminal

1. Open the terminal and go to the bot settings menu: Settings → Telegram alerts.

2. You’ll need to enter the relevant authorization data and set up the bot:

  • Activate the “Enable” toggle.

  • In the bot’s “Bot token” field, enter the token that you got from @BotFather.

  • In the "Telegram ID" field, enter your User ID received from @userinfobot in step 2.1 (if you want to receive notifications in the TG bot), or the Channel ID received in step 2.2 (if you want to receive notifications in the TG channel (group)).

  • You can set up a proxy if necessary (in the case of a Telegram API that is inaccessible due to your geolocation).

  • Press OK.

If you want to receive information on orders and executions, please, toggle on the corresponding options in Telegram alerts settings section

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