This tabke displays positions calculated by the Tiger.Trade terminal for trades, which are displayed in the Executions table and contain extended information.

The XPositions table allows access to information that does not come from the exchange but is useful in trading. Extended information available:

  • time in position

  • commission

  • profit or loss on positions closed during the day

Also, positions opened in Simulator and Player modes appear in this table.

To display this window, from the main menu, select Tables → XPositions. Columns in a table can be hidden, moved, and resized.

The XPositions table can be linked to other windows. After setting up the link, double-clicking on the position in the table will allow the instrument and the trading account to be set up in all windows, coming together into a single link group.

To hide information on a closed position from the table, right-click on the required position in the table and select Hide in the menu that opens. The hidden position will be displayed again as soon as it becomes open.

If information about some trades does not get into Tiger.Trade, for example, while you were trading through another terminal, then the positions calculated by the terminal may be displayed incorrectly. To correct the positions, use the Enter, Change and Clear buttons located in the upper part of the window.

The window contains:

  • Entering information about an open position if it was not accounted for by the Tiger.Trade terminal.

  • Changing information about an open position. This option must be used if a position calculated by the Tiger.Trade terminal differs from the real position.

  • Clearing information about an open position without closing the position itself. This option must be used if a non-existent position is displayed in the Tiger.Trade terminal.

  • Enabling/disabling the mode of displaying only open positions.

  • Closing the position selected in the table.

  • Closing all open positions displayed in the table.



Connection through which information on the position was received.


Short name of selected instrument.


Long - buy, Short - sell, Flat - no open position.


Volume of an open position.

Avg Price

Average price of an open position.

Last Price

Last price of position.


Profit or loss on a current open position in points.


Profit or loss on a current open position in money.

Time In Pos

Time elapsed since the opening of a position.

Total Points

Profit or loss for the current day in points.

Total Gross PnL

Profit or loss for the current day in money.

Total Net PnL

Profit or loss for the current day in money, accounting for commission.


Commission for the current day.


Account number used to open the position.

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