Toolbar setup

The Tiger.Trade terminal allows you to completely reconfigure the toolbars based on your preferences.

To enter the toolbar editor, right-click on the chart area and select Set up toolbars.

In the Toolbar setup window, on the left there is a group with a Toolbars, and on the right is — Toolbar items.

In the Toolbars you can:

  • Create new toolbars

  • Assign names and locations of toolbars in the Charts window (top, left, right, bottom)

  • Move a selected toolbar up in the list

  • Move a selected toolbar down in the list

  • Remove a selected toolbar from the list

  • Remove all toolbars from the list.

In Toolbar items you can:

  • Add a new item from the dropdown list, as well as a separator where needed

  • Move a selected item up in the list

  • Move a selected item down in the list

  • Remove an item from the list

  • Remove all items from the list

To save all changes, click Apply (the toolbar settings window will not close) or OK (the settings window will close, and the changes will be applied).

If you need to restore everything to its original view (restore all preinstalled toolbars in the terminal), click Reset.

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