Tiger.Trade Windows is a trading terminal, which has already been chosen by over 200,000 users. The platform allows trading cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and Forex pairs and will suit traders with any strategy: from scalpers to investors.

In the terminal, users can connect to the world's best cryptocurrency exchanges — Binance, Bybit, OKX, and many others. Stock exchanges, such as NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, MOEX, and others, can be also accessed through the third-party terminals TWS, Rithmic, MetaTrader 5, QUIK and others in Tiger.Trade Windows terminal.

The terminal offers an extensive list of features for professional and efficient trading, including:

  • Depth of Market with fully customizable settings, clusters, trades feed, as well as filtering and notifications which are especially useful for scalpers.

  • Chart allowing to display 5 chart types with custom timeframes, including classic candles, 30 cluster types, over 60 unique indicators and multiple graphical objects for in-depth market analysis.

  • Watchlist, which allows monitoring the market and grouping instruments by various characteristics.

  • Simulator and Player training modes to test strategies on real and historical data using built-in demo accounts.

  • Risk manager, which allows to automatically place Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing orders, as well as control risks by limiting the maximum drawdown, the number of losing trades and other parameters.

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