How do I enable Take Profit orders on Binance?

In Tiger.Trade Windows there are available various options of orders setup including take-profits.

In order for the terminal to set the take profit with a limit in the DOM on an exchange, enable the server take profit in the basic settings and set the offset to 0.

If you want to set both the stop loss and the take profit when opening a position:

  • Use local stop loss and server take profit. The terminal will remove the take profit when the local stop loss is triggered. However, if the exchange does not have time to release the funds that were reserved for the take profit in order to use them for the stop loss, then the take profit will be canceled, but the sale will not follow.

  • Use local stop loss and local server take profit. Local stop loss and local take profit are conditional orders in the terminal that the exchange has no information on. When the price approaches the local stop loss or local take profit, the terminal will send the exchange a real corresponding order. However, if there is no connection to the exchange or the terminal is closed, local stop losses and local take profits are not processed.

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