How does autoselection of data type work?

In the menu Main settings - Chart, you'll find the Auto-select data type option.

The setting is responsible for the automated selection of the data type in the Chart window, depending on the selected chart type (candlesticks, bars, clusters, etc.), as well as the presence of objects and indicators on the chart.

For example, when choosing to display a chart in the form of Clusters, the BarSearch, ClusterSearch and similar indicator added to the chart, or placing a Volume Profile or Histograms on the chart, you need to select the Clusters data type. With the classic display of candles, bars or the vertical volume indicator, using the Bars data type is sufficient.

In order not to select the data type manually, it is necessary to activate the Auto-select data setting, after which the terminal will automatically begin to determine the required data type for the correct display of the chart.

When using custom indicators or graphical objects, auto-selection of data type will be disabled regardless of whether this option is activated in the settings or not. This is done intentionally, as the Tiger.Trade terminal has insufficient information about the data types needed for a custom indicator or graphical object, therefore, you need to choose the data type in the timeframe settings yourself.

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