How to use the Crypto license to trade on Binance

In order to use the free Crypto license[LINK] for trading on Binance, your account on the exchange must be registered without a referral link.

Please note that if your Binance account is registered without a referral link, then with the free Crypto license, both spot and futures trading will be available to you.

If the account is registered with a referral link, you'll be able to access only the Binance spot market with a free Crypto license. Futures trading will not be available.

Using an account without a referral link, you will be able to trade on the Tiger.Trade platform without purchasing the Full license. However, by trading in the terminal, you'll be supporting the development of the terminal, as Binance will return a portion of the commission to Tiger.Trade in the form of brokerage fees from your trading commissions.

In case you use a referral account, you'll need to create a new account in the Tiger.Trade Broker, which is an official Binance broker registered by Tiger.Trade. The crypto broker service not only gives access to the Crypto license for free, but also allows trading on Binance with lower commissions. You can find more detailed information about Tiger.Trade Broker here[LINK].

You can read about further steps to set up a connection in the Binance connection settings[LINK] section.

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