Questions about indicators


Can I write indicators myself?

Yes, you can write them in the C# language. Examples with code are available in the following section of the documentation.

Which folder should I add the custom indicators to?

You should add custom indicators to the folder C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\TigerTrade\Indicators. After adding it to the folder you should restart the terminal, afterwards the indicator will be displayed in the list of indicators.

Can I use indicators created for Tiger.Trade Windows in some third-party terminals or in Tiger.Trade macOS App?

No, they are created only for use in the Tiger.Trade terminal.

What connections can be configured to view data for the Open Interest indicator?

Open interest indicator is supported for all the symbols that are available in Tiger.Trade Windows via the connections.

How can the Open Interest indicator turn negative?

The indicator turns negative if open interest decreases compared to the previous period.

What should I do if the Heatmap indicator is not displayed?

Select clusters as the data type or turn on the Auto Select Data Type. Please note that the indicator starts showing data from the datetime when it was added on the chart.

What should I do if the Volume Profiles indicator is not displayed?

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