Version 6.6

You can download Tiger.Trade Windows 6.6 via the following link.

Main Updates:

1. Added the ability to receive terminal notifications (indicator and object signals) in the Telegram messenger. You can set it up through the menu Settings --> Telegram alerts. For it to work correctly, you will have to create and set up a bot by following the instructions.

2. Added the option to configure the lot settings in the DOM terminal. It is activated by enabling the Show in DOM option in the standard lot settings window and works like a separate toolbar in the DOM. Also, we have augmented the logic for the lot settings window. Now the column used to enter the quote currency volume is always active without the need to click the checkmark to enter the lot in USDT.

3. Added the ability to set up exit strategy as a percentage of the price. The percentage values are specified for all elements of the strategy (stop loss, take profit, breakeven, and trailing stop).

4. Added a visual indication of the sorting type in the Watchlist window (Quotes) and a user custom option. Each column now indicates the selected sorting type: ascending, descending, or none (custom). The sorting indication disappears when the custom sorting option is selected

5. Added the ability to hide the market type switch (S|F) under the symbols tab. The display can now be changed in the terminal settings (Basic Settings → Chart/DOM).

6. The timeframe toolbar is now set up in the Toolbar setup section along with other toolbar items (right-click on the widget and select Set up toolbars).

7. Optimized data saving and display for the Orders/Trades/Positions windows. Now these actions are performed asynchronously, which reduces the load on the CPU.

8. We now support stop orders on the OKX exchange. Orders are set in Conditional mode at market and limit price. The terminal’s Executions table displays the stop and take prices of an order, depending on its display on the exchange’s web interface and its execution price.

9. The Auto Select Data Type option in Settings → Basic Settings is enabled for configurations by default.

Basic Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue with a phantom Notifications window appearing when working with the terminal.

  2. Fixed a bug that removed technical indicators when double-clicking Stop loss or Take profit on the chart.

  3. Fixed a bug where MT5 and QUIK connections went missing when creating a new connection. Previously, connections were set only after either restarting the terminal or deleting and recreating the connection.

  4. Fixed an error where the chart and clusters window wouldn’t save its position and size after hiding it. Now the window will save the last position set by the trader.

  5. Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the PnL for trades in the DOM information panel. Previously, the PnL decryption displayed in an exponential format.

  6. Fixed the terminal’s behavior. Previously, it would not connect to MetaTrader 5 or QUIK after changing the connection settings.

  7. Fixed an automatic data switch error when there are hidden windows in the terminal. Previously, attempting to activate the Auto Select Data Type option in the terminal when there were hidden windows would result in an error.

  8. Fixed the sorting in the symbol indicator manager. Now, the indicators are sorted alphabetically and displayed starting at the beginning of the list.

  9. Fixed an error where the context menu for the ticker search bar did not display. Previously, clicking the RMB on the symbol search bar would not call up the menu.

  10. Fixed the histogram display in Player mode. Previously, the histogram did not display before playing through the quotes, except in preliminary analyses of historical data.

  11. Fixed the account and client code display for stock market symbols when trading with QUIK.

  12. Fixed a sorting reset issue in the Watchlist (Quotes) widget after resetting the terminal. We also resolved an issue with quotes resetting when manually moving rows.

  13. Added alphabetical auto-sorting for symbols in the terminal’s Risk Manager.

  14. Fixed an issue where leverage values did not send after clicking Enter.

  15. Added the ability to expand the information panel in the DOM widget.

Binance Fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug where the trade history in Binance disappeared after restarting the terminal. Now, the entire history is available after restarting the terminal.

Bybit Fixes:

  1. Fixed an error where Stop loss and Take profit orders disappeared when creating new configurations in the terminal. Previously, creating a new configuration in the terminal with active Stop loss and Take profit server orders resulted in these orders disappearing from the exchange, and the orders would return to a local status on Tiger.Trade.

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