Version 6.8

Version: 6.8.8762.34174



1. Synchronization of horizontal levels/horizontal lines has been added for all "Chart" and "Order Book" windows without the need to link windows (activated through the menu Settings -> General Settings -> Other -> Sync Levels):

2. Added the division of levels in the order book into regular and signal levels:

Separate hotkeys are provided for adding signal and regular levels (Settings -> Hotkeys Manager -> DOM -> Actions -> Set/Remove Signal Level and Set/Remove Level).

  1. Enhanced setting of levels/signal levels in the DOM using hotkeys (holding down the hotkey allows you to set multiple levels/signal levels in the order book).

  2. Added the ability to delete a signal level after the alert is triggered (Signal Levels section -> Alert (for a specific level) -> option Delete level after alert):

  3. Added the ability to change the color of the signal level after activation (Signal Levels section -> Unified Settings -> Line Color (alert is active) and Line Color (inactive alert)):

Selection of Working Volumes

  1. For cryptocurrency instruments, the option to set default working volumes has been added. The setting for default volumes is available in both the quote currency and the base currency (Settings -> Order Volumes preset):

The ability to display only USDT pairs in search results has been added. Activated through the menu Settings -> Symbols Manager -> Filtering -> Show only USDT quote assets:

Instument Filtering based on Pinned Market Type

Instrument filtering has been added based on the locked market type. If the selected window is pinned to Spot, only spot instruments will be displayed in the search results for it, and when pinned to Futures, only futures will be shown. You can lock the market type by right-clicking on the tab and selecting the option "Lock market Type":

Results on locked future market type:


  1. In the watchlist, the ability to filter symbols based on set conditions has been added:

  2. Improved the display of the selected row in quotes (highlighting the selected row is maintained when switching focus to another widget).

  3. Added the ability to filter quotes by symbol name.


  1. Added the option to display the order book, orders, and trades in the quote currency.

  2. Added the ability to filter trades in the order book tape by volume in the quote currency.

  3. Added display of data delay from the Binance exchange in receiving order book data. This feature allows you to understand how up-to-date the displayed order book data is.

  4. Added the ability to switch between position volume display mode and PNL display mode with a double click:

    Double-clicking switches between displaying position volume in the base currency and volume in the quote currency (in this case, it is displayed with an apostrophe ').

    PNL display switches between percentage and value in the quote currency (also displayed with an apostrophe ').

    Switching is available in both classic position display mode and "One Line" mode.

  5. Added a general setting for order books in the menu Settings -> DOM Settings.

  6. Added a new feature that allows changing compression by defining the % price change from the spread.

    1) The set of values for % price change from the spread can be specified in the order book settings. 9 values are available for input.

    2) Switching these values can be done through the set hotkey and the numeric row or mouse scroll.

    3) Set a hotkey to change the visibility of the order book in the menu Settings -> HotKeys Manager -> DOM.

    4) The window header can display the current visibility of the order book depth in % using the {VD} token.

  7. Added a hotkey for placing orders with the "reduceOnly" flag.

    Hold down this key and place an order, and an order with the active "reduceOnly" flag will be sent to the exchange.

  8. The "reduceOnly" flag is activated for orders placed using the hotkey "Use already opened size":

  9. Added a hotkey to close all positions in the market and simultaneously cancel active orders (Settings -> Hotkeys Manager -> DOM-> Close position and orders):

  10. Added the ability to cancel orders with a single click:

  11. Added the ability to change the order book compression with a fixed step. To do this, activate the "Fixed Price Scale Step" checkbox and set the desired compression step in the "Multiplier 1" column. When using the hotkey to change the price scale, compression will change with the step set in the "Multiplier 1" column:

  12. Added a checkbox "Orders Overlay quotes" (Settings -> General Settings -> DOM), activating it allows you to see placed orders even when there is not enough space in the Order Panel area:

  13. The ability to hide/show the trade tape area with a double click in the cluster area has been added (double-clicking in the cluster area, centering the order book does not occur):

  14. Added the ability to hide trades while displaying the trade line, allowing you to see the fact of trades without their actual display in the tape area. To do this, set a value in the "Hide Values Less" column and activate the "Show Trades Line" option:

  15. Added the option "Delete trades less" which allows you to completely remove trades from the tape.

  16. The minimum width of the order book has been reduced (to free up screen space).

  17. Placing orders at the best bid/best ask (using buttons in the trading module BUY LIMIT / SELL LIMIT and corresponding hotkeys) now works regardless of the price scale.

  18. Added support for transparent trade color for compact mode.

  19. Added the ability to use bold font for the price levels instead of the price grid (Settings -> General Settings -> DOM -> Highlight base levels).

    The step for base levels can be configured in the DOM Parameters section -> Horizontal Grid Step.

  20. Added the ability to set offsets for orders in percentages (DOM Parameters section -> Trading -> Offsets, or Trading Module -> Open Trading Settings):

  21. When displaying the ruler on the left, the tooltip about setting SL/TP is displayed below it.

  22. Added the ability to disable auto-centering of the order book. To do this, set the value 0 in the DOM Parameters section -> General -> DOM -> Auto-Scroll Threshold:

  23. Added bold font for trade size (General Settings -> DOM -> Font bold for trades values).

  24. Optimized the display of the price and volume area in the order book when changing the price step (the price and volume area is not filled with a background color when changing the price step).

  25. Added the ability to choose the background color of the order book elements with information about the position depending on the entry price, direction, and PnL (DOM Theme Settings -> Positions, Trades, Results).

  26. Improved the display of the positive/negative position indicator in the order book (text is displayed over the indicator).

  27. Added the ability to choose the action on a mouse wheel click in the order book, cancel the order, or center the order book (Hotkeys Manager -> DOM -> Actions).

  28. Added the ability to highlight intermediate level prices (Options -> General -> Minor Grid Step).

  29. Added the ability to display the order book delay only when the specified threshold value is exceeded (General Settings -> DOM -> Show order book latenct only when the threshold is exceeded).

  30. Improved the visibility and price scale change of the order book with mouse scroll without the need to focus on the widget window.


  1. Added the ability to load charts directly from the Binance, Bybit exchanges. To do this, activate the "Load chart from stock exchange" checkbox in the general settings → Chart.

    1) It is important to note that for charts from the exchange, some indicators may not work correctly due to the lack of data for their construction.

    2) If the selected exchange does not have the chosen timeframe, data will be requested from the Tiger.Trade servers.

  2. Added the display of trade history on the chart when the trading module is turned off.

  3. The chart update rate is set to 40 ms (for new configurations) by default:


  1. Accelerated logic for closing positions.

  2. Accelerated order cancellation for Binance, Bybit, Okx exchanges.

  3. Improved accuracy of measuring ping when making calls to cryptocurrency exchanges.

  4. Enhanced logic for placing orders in the base currency and setting values in the quote currency for the "Order Sizes" module.

  5. Added support for placing orders with a volume exceeding the exchange limit for OKX and Bybit.

  6. Added support for Stop Orders for the Binance (Spot) exchange.

  7. Improved trading on Binance (Spot) without BNB on the account (commission size is deducted from the position size).


  1. Added support for the Ukrainian language.

  2. The ability to display the configuration creator's information window when loading a configuration.

  3. Added the option to display the clock in the title of the new window (General Settings -> Show clock in title -> All windows).

  4. Implemented highlighting of tabs when there are set orders or open positions on them.

  5. Added the text "Leverage" to the input field for this value in the trading panel.

  6. Adjusted the search for an instrument by symbol without considering the prefix (for searching symbols with a prefix ahead, for example, 1000Bonkusdt, there is no need to enter this prefix).

  7. Added the ability to switch the trading mode (Live / Simulator / Player) from the window header:

  8. In the Settings -> General Settings section, the option to disable saving the configuration before closing the application has been added. Disabling this option allows you to speed up the reopening of the terminal.

  9. Expanded the list of time zones that can be displayed in the window header (Settings -> General Settings -> Time zone in title).

  10. Increased the number of groups (colors) for linking windows.


The following hotkeys have been added:

  1. Hotkeys to hide/unhide all panels in the "Chart" and "DOM" windows (Common -> Other-> Show/Hide all panels in DOM and on Chart / in DOM):

  2. Hotkey to switch to the next and previous tabs (General -> Tabs Panel -> Switch to next / previous tab).

  3. Hotkeys to switch to the next and previous timeframe (Common -> Other).

  4. Hotkey to cancel all orders for all active connections (Common -> Trading -> Close all positions).

  5. Hotkey to close all positions for all active connections (Common -> Trading -> Cancel all orders).

  6. Hotkey to show/hide trades on the chart (Chart -> Actions -> Show trades on the chart).

  7. Hotkeys to increase and decrease the price step (DOM -> Actions -> Turn Price Scale Up / Turn Price Scale Down).


Added color indication for which exchange a symbol belongs to in the window. To do this, set the color for the connection in the connection list window.


  1. Added the ability to choose the data that will be sent through the proxy in the connector settings:

    Use proxy for market data option is responsible for obtaining quote data (trade tape, order book, quotes) through a proxy.

    Use proxy for user data is responsible for data on the statuses of user-placed orders that come to the terminal from the exchange (e.g., about the execution of an order or its cancellation).

    Use proxy for orders is responsible for sending new orders (placed through the terminal) and canceling old ones through a proxy.

  2. Added synchronization of open orders and positions after a connection break.

  3. Improved the correct restoration of current exchange data during breaks, restarts, and operation in the application on multiple devices.


  1. Added support for positions for spot instruments on Bybit.

  2. In the connection list (File -> Connections -> Setup), a separate Bybit via Tiger.Trade Broker connector with automatic server selection Unified Margin Live has been added, which simplifies the setup of a connection to the Tiger.Trade Broker service for trading on Bybit.


  1. Added the ability to trade listings without reconnecting.

  2. Added information on turnover for the last 24 hours in "Watchlist."

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a critical error that occurred when exiting the terminal during the first connection to the exchange.

  2. Adjusted allowable values for the chart and order book update speed.

  3. Fixed behavior that caused the order book to center when canceling an order using the middle mouse button.

  4. Fixed behavior that led to the cancellation of orders when dragging them in the DOM.

  5. Fixed the display of the header with column names for the Trade Tape.

  6. Fixed the display of positions when executing self-trade orders.

  7. Fixed the clearing of values for hotkeys using the "Clear" button.

  8. Fixed the display of error messages with "batch" orders.

  9. Fixed a situation with false triggering of signal levels when switching symbols and compressing the price step.

  10. Fixed a situation where the selected text in the symbol search bar was not deleted upon re-entry.

  11. Fixed behavior with the absence of Bybit instruments in the list when using the Bybit via TT Broker connector with the "Hide instruments from unconnected exchanges" option.

  12. Fixed a situation with incorrect display of SL/TP when compressing the order book.

  13. Fixed a situation where loading trades from the Bybit exchange was impossible due to exceeding the exchange limit.

  14. Fixed behavior with the reset of hotkeys upon restarting the terminal.

  15. When selecting text in the symbol search widget, entering a new symbol now replaces the existing text rather than adding to the end of the string.

  16. Group cancellation of orders on the Bybit exchange with a large number could lead to an IP ban.

  17. [Bybit] Fixed setting server TP/SL during trailing after disconnection.

  18. Fixed duplicate rows in quotes.

  19. [Binance Spot] Fixed behavior where a position closed in the previous version of the application was displayed "reversed" in the new version.

  20. Fixed the display of the SL/TP marker in the order book (the marker was displayed below the trade marker).

  21. [Binance Spot] Fixed behavior where limit orders placed in the order book were not displayed in the Orders table.

  22. Fixed incorrect display of chart and order book widgets when resizing them.

  23. Fixed the absence of a tooltip when placing a Stop order via a hotkey in the order book.

  24. Updated the value of the minimum nominal order size for Binance symbols in the Instruments window.

  25. Fixed a critical error that occurred when alternately closing and opening the application.

  26. [Bybit] Fixed a situation where the recalculated average weighted position changed its price to the initial one upon restarting the application.

  27. Fixed a critical error that occurred after executing self-trade orders on the previous version of the application and subsequently launching the current version.

  28. Fixed incorrect operation of the order synchronization procedure.

  29. Fixed behavior where selected volume filter settings in the instrument's order book were not applied to the same instrument opened in another order book.

  30. Fixed incorrect display of the length of levels in the order book after updating the application to the current version.

  31. Fixed incorrect operation of the cluster chart scroll button to the last candle in the order book.

  32. Fixed behavior where errors occurred when working with the order volume selection widget.

  33. Fixed behavior where deleted trades in the Statistics window reappeared after restarting the application.

  34. Fixed behavior where trades made in Simulator and Player modes disappeared from the Statistics window after restarting the application.

  35. [Okx] Fixed errors when placing orders for instruments with a very small price step.

  36. Fixed behavior where errors occurred when trying to open a position "at the market" for the LADYS/USDT instrument (Bybit Spot).

  37. Fixed incorrect linking of futures and spot for the MINAUSDT ticker (Binance).

  38. Fixed behavior where it was not possible to set "modifier keys" for the hotkey "Use the volume of the current position."

  39. Fixed a situation where pressing the hotkey "Use the volume of the current position" set only the stop order.

  40. [Okx] Fixed errors that occurred when trying to go to connector settings.

  41. Fixed behavior where automatic scrolling down the list occurred in the Quotes window.

  42. Fixed incorrect display of the order book ping (the delay indicator showed very high values).

  43. [Bybit] Fixed behavior where more than 10 limit orders could not be canceled at once.

  44. Fixed behavior where the currency value of the position in the order book was not saved in the template.

  45. [Bybit] Fixed a situation where the commission for closing a position was not taken into account in the Statistics window.

  46. Fixed behavior where the application interface hung after changing the price step in the order books.

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