Linking windows

You can combine windows into groups by symbols.

Main features

If you change a symbol in one of the linked windows, it will automatically change to the same symbol in all of the linked windows.

You can link windows and tables that have a rectangle on the left side of the icon for closing the window.

To set up a linked group between symbols, click on the colored square next to the window name. For your convenience, colors that you have already used for links are placed on a separate line in the upper part of the linking menu.

After choosing a color, select the same exact color in all the windows that you want to link. That’s it—the windows will be combined into one link group.

The Tiger.Trade terminal allows linking of levels plotted on the chart. If you enable the Levels option in a group of links on the DOM, then the levels will be shown on the DOM itself. In order to synchronize the levels between the chart and the DOM, select this option in the DOM link menu.

Locking the market type

There are also labels S (Spot) and F (Futures) in the Chart and DOM windows headers, when you click on them, you can change the market type to the opposite.

If you want to link Spot-Futures, link two widgets, select desired market types with labels, click on three dots or right click on the title bar of the widget and select Lock market type.

Further when you switch instruments, the pair Spot and Futures for the corresponding instrument will be selected.

If there is no futures for the selected Spot instrument, the label to the left of the instrument name will be highlighted in red, which indicates that it is impossible to select a futures if there is a fixed market type.

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