Setting offsets

In the trading panel, you can set up volumes and offsets (slippage) for various types of orders, as well as change or set parameters.

Opening the offsets menu

Offsets settings (slippage/casting distance)

Description of offsets for each order type

Order type for setting offsetsDescription

Limit order

The distance from the best price (from best bid or best ask) to which a limit order will be placed when buying and selling with a limit using hotkeys, as well as when pressing the SELL LMT / BUY LMT buttons in the trading module. This value can be either positive or negative.

Stop orders

With the offset set, clicking on BUY STP / SELL STP will result in a stop-limit order, the limit price of which will be set with an offset from the stop price. If the offset is not set, when you click on BUY STP / SELL STP, a stop market order will be placed.

Trigger order

When a trigger order with a configured offset is triggered in the terminal, a limit order with a corresponding offset from the trigger price will be sent to the exchange. If the offset is not configured, a market order will be sent to the exchange, when a trigger order is triggered in the terminal.

Take Profit

With a configured offset, TP will be placed as a Stop Limit order.

Stop Loss

With a configured offset, SL will be placed as a Stop Limit order.

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