The Accounts talbe displays all the accounts you've connected to the Tiger.Trade Windows terminal.

To display this table, select Tables Accounts from the main menu. Columns in a table can be hidden, moved, and resized.

Set up compound accounts—the ability to create compound accounts for duplicating orders for selected accounts with a specified coefficient. In the editor, set:

  • Name—a unique name for the compound account is assigned

  • Accounts—the number of accounts to combine is selected

  • Account—an account is selected from the list of connected accounts that are available

  • Weight—the coefficient by which the volume made in the compound account will be multiplied is set



Connection through which the order will be sent.


Name of the account on your connection.


Currency of your account.


Your account balance.

Free Margin

Free funds available for trades.

Used Margin

Funds blocked for making trades if the position is not closed and/or limit orders are placed.

Unrealized PnL

Profit/loss of an unclosed position.

Realized PnL

Profit/loss of a closed position.


Commission charged by the broker.

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