Version 6.5

You can download Tiger.Trade Windows 6.5 via the following link.

Window linking

  1. Added instrument linking for different classes of cryptocurrency instruments — Spot and Futures. The title of the Chart and DOM windows now includes S (Spot) and F (Futures) labels you can click to switch the instrument class. If you want to link Spot-Futures, link two widgets, select desired market types with labels, click on three dots or right click on the title bar of the widget and select Lock market type. Further when you switch instruments, the pair Spot and Futures for the corresponding instrument will be selected.

  2. Updated the interface for the linking window. The window design was modified, while existing link groups were moved to a separate area. There’s also now a No linking button that will help you understand the status of the colors you selected. We also added a button that synchronizes Chart levels with DOM.


  1. Added a new timeframe panel to the Charts window. Timeframes are shown and arranged horizontally as labels to make navigation easier. You turn on/off the panel and change its location by selection of the Timeframe bar item in the drop-down list in the Period menu.

  2. Automation for the Data type selection between clusters and bars in the Charts window’s period settings was added. The checkbox to turn it on is located in the Settings - General settings - Chart - Auto Select Data Type. The autoswitch is made when there is an applicable indicator or selected bars type (candle, bar, or cluster) chosen on the chart.

  3. Added the Trend Angle trend instrument, which measures the potential for price changes and how drastic they might be. It was added to all chart item panels in the terminal.

  4. Updated how the Magnifying Glass instrument works for charts. You can now zoom in on charts by selecting a section with your mouse.

  5. Added the ability to configure the chart scrolling function. In the settings, you can now set keys for horizontal movement along the chart and scaling along the X and Y axes. Set through "Settings" → "General settings" → "Chart".

  6. Added instrument names to chart backgrounds. They’re now shown as watermarks. Set them by going to Settings → Basic settings → Chart → Show instrument name in background.

  7. Added an on/off button to the chart control panel for mouse trading. It’s synchronized with the button in the Trading-from-a-chart toolbar.

  8. Added an indicator for Margin Zones. It shows risk levels based on the instrument’s initial margin. Levels can be customized by color and length. Each one can also be moved around to build a unique corridor of margin zones.


  1. Made working with signal levels faster by saving the settings from the previous level. Audio notifications can be set up once in the Levels menu, after which subsequent levels are configured the same way.

  2. Visually differentiated levels better in DOM. Lines are shorter and don’t block the volume histogram. You can also leave level setup mode by double-clicking the hot key.

  3. Added a way to delete highlighted levels in DOM in the Levels menu using the Del key. The last level’s customization is now saved.

  4. Restored control of transparency for the marker used for entering a position in DOM.


  1. Added an icon with a selection of filter colors in the Quotes window. In addition to filtering by a single color, you can now display all colored instruments.

  2. Added a turnover calculation for MOEX and SPB exchange instruments to the Quotes window.

  3. Hid expired and deleted instruments in the Quotes window for Live and Simulator modes. You can only see them in Player mode now.

  4. Added a pop-up confirmation window when clicking Delete all in the Quotes window. It keeps you safe from accidental clicks.


  1. Added the ability to navigate the drop-down instrument list using the keyboard arrows. The up and down keys move you through the list of tickers. Hold Shift to move faster. This applies to all windows with a drop-down list of instruments, and you activate it by tapping a key while navigating the list.

  2. Added combined filtration by exchange and instrument type in Instruments. You can now sort the table by exchange or instrument name.


  1. Refreshed the look and feel of the Connections window. We added connection tumblers that let you switch out of manual mode to automatically connect to the connector. We also added one button you can click to delete all connections as well as another that pulls up the connection settings menu.

  2. Added a way to sort the list of connections in the Connections window. You can sort them by Platform, Name, and Market type. Click the column title.

  3. Removed support for the HitBTC and FTX exchanges. The connections to there exchanges are no longer available in the terminal connection menu, and any previous connections you had were deleted. The exchange’s instruments have also been removed from the terminal.

Other changes

  1. Optimized the terminal and network load. We now support data caching during rendering, which reduced the strain on CPU/GPU. You can only subscribe to open interest data in the Quotes window when the column of values is shown in the table.

  2. Updated the capacity of all numerical fields. Capacity updates in real time when numerical fields are edited, also changing along with the system locale where the terminal is set up.

  3. Added the ability to select an account from the drop-down menu in the risk manager. Previously, this was done manually.

  4. Updated the context menu for tabs. Moving tabs between windows is much easier now, with the menu pulled up by clicking the button with three dots in the window tab label.

  5. Replaced connector types with connection names in the editor window for composite accounts. That adds convenience and clarity.

  6. Added logic for automatically switching servers when moving from one license to another. Before the change, that had to be done manually for a move from a full license to crypto.

  7. Reduced the minimum font size in the basic terminal settings to 10.

  8. Improved the algorithm used to build open interest for the OKX exchange. It now uses data from WebSocket, which makes the process faster.


  1. Removed the lag in exchange data in OKX, Binance, and Bybit charts and DOM.

  2. Resolved visual interface problems.

  • Fixed how presets are highlighted in the cluster preset selection panel. The cluster setting you select is now shown with a flag.

  • Fixed the style reset that was happening when switching to the light theme. Styles and window sizes now stay the same when you switch between themes. Before the change, there were a few visual problems with the light theme.

  • Fixed the disappearing checkmark for turning on the tab panel in Windows → Tab panel. The option is now indicated with a checkmark when the tab panel is open.

  • Fixed visual problems in the proxying window that happened with the white theme. Pop-up hints and customized styles/offsets were centered.

  • Fixed an error that was pulling the hidden-timeframe panel outside the screen.

  • Fixed a problem with the color of the context menu going from dark to light when switching to the light theme.

  • Fixed a bug that had the connector state button animating incorrectly when scrolling in the Connections window. It’s only animated when clicked now.

  1. Fixed a problem with saving the strategy you selected after closing the terminal. Saved strategies are now still in their lists when you relaunch the terminal.

  2. Fixed a bug where missing bars or candles didn’t load after connection was lost, resulting in a price gap and forcing users to manually refresh the chart.

  3. Fixed a problem with offsets. Offsets were ignored when processing orders and trades. They now work correctly for all order types.

  4. Fixed an error where profit wasn’t shown in the Unrealized PnL field when trading via QUIK. The values are there now.

  5. Fixed a problem where the trading toolbar was blocked when switching from a perpetual futures contract to a fixed-term option on the MOEX.

  6. Fixed incorrect instrument sorting in the Quotes window. All fields now sort correctly both ascending and descending, and the order is kept regardless.

  7. Fixed a problem with QUIK and MT5 that happened when creating a new connection. The connection to the exchange is made immediately after the connection is created.

  8. Fixed a problem with the password reset window that came up when connecting to Transaq. The window no longer appears for subsequent connections.

  9. Fixed duplicate trades in the DOM feed. The problem had to do with cryptocurrency tools that had a low nominal price value.

  10. Fixed a bug that happened when moving an open position from Simulator mode to Live mode. Positions are no longer pulled from the Simulator when switching to real mode even when no account is selected.

  11. Fixed a problem that had the Player license displaying incorrectly in File → Profile. It was previously identified as crypto.

  12. Fixed how price capacity is displayed in the chart item parameters. Small prices had been showing up as exponents.

  13. Fixed a problem where the tab window background didn’t load when the computer came out of hibernation.

  14. Fixed a bug that was happening when opening the proxy list using the Enter or Space keys.

  15. Changes to Binance functionality:

  • Fixed how commissions are calculated for Binance trades in the Statistics section of Bynance Spot and Bynance Futures. The correct commission value is now shown instead of zeroes.

  • Added alphabetical ordering when adding a list of instruments in the Quotes window. There was no sorting for the Bitmex (all segments), FTX (only Futures), and Binance (only USDT and USD-M) exchanges.

  • Fixed missing Realized PnL values when trading on Binance. The fixed profit value now shows up correctly.[Разрыв обтекания текста]

  • Fixed calculations for Free Marging (Free) funds in the Accounts table. They now show up correctly.

  1. Changes to Bybit functionality:

  • Fixed the trade filter on Bybit. The terminal now only shows actual user trades and filters out technical orders, funding types, and so on.

  • Fixed a bug that displayed stop orders incorrectly when trading on Bybit.

  • Fixed how Bybit accounts are displayed in the Statistics window. Previously, Bybit accounts didn’t show up after actual trading.

  • Fixed a server time synchronization bug with Bybit.

  • Fixed composite accounts. Orders weren’t submitted to the exchange when trading with a composite account.

  • Fixed a bug that showed the trade open price as the average instead of the price of the first trade. The position open price on Bybit now corresponds to the price of the first open trade.

  1. Changes to FTX functionality: fixed duplicated stop losses when moving them with the mouse in the terminal as you trade on the FTX. Before this, moving stop losses duplicated them to the SL and stop order.

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