Version 6.7

The main changes of the version focused on improving connections in the Tiger.Trade Windows plaftorm, as well as optimizing and enhancing existing functions in the terminal.

You can download Tiger.Trade Windows 6.7 via the following link.


  1. Tiger.Trade Broker

    1. Added a separate connection for Tiger.Trade Broker, allowing for faster access to the service and reducing trading commissions on the Binance exchange by up to 30%.

  2. Bybit

    1. Transitioned to V.5 API of the Bybit exchange and added support for all instruments traded on the exchange (Spot, Perpetual USDT, and Inverse contracts).

    2. All types of instruments on this exchange are now available in a single connection, eliminating the need to create a separate connection for each instrument type.

    3. Added support for trading all available Bybit instruments from a single account.

    4. Fixed all issues related to position size, account data retrieval, display and placement of TP/SL orders, and more, which occurred in previous versions of the Bybit exchange API.

  3. Binance

    1. Take-profit and Stop-loss orders are now tied to positions. They are assigned the "reduce-only" attribute, which prevents the orders from remaining active even after the position is closed.

    2. Fixed the display error of zero volume in the window for pending orders on Spot instruments.

  4. Trader WorkStation

    1. Fixed errors when placing orders, updating charts, and accessing instruments available through the platform.

    2. Added support for assets traded on CBOT and COMEX exchanges.

    3. Supported the receipt of "delayed" data (with a 15-minute delay in the absence of a paid subscription to exchange data in Interactive Brokers).

    4. Expanded the list of notifications to help users understand the reasons behind the behavior of Tiger.Trade Windows and Trader WorkStation terminals.

  5. QUIK

    1. Fixed an issue where the account was not automatically filled in after losing and restoring the internet connection.

    2. Fixed the behavior where opening and closing auctions on the Moscow Exchange caused incorrect operation of protective strategies.

    3. Fixed incorrect display of the contract year for Moscow Exchange instruments in the table.

  6. MetaTrader 5

    1. Added the ability to trade futures using the FINAM broker.

    2. Added the ability to trade instruments on MOEX, ICE, and CME exchanges through the Just2Trade broker.

    3. Settings of server/local stop-losses and take-profits was removed from the connection setup and was synced with the mentioned checkboxes in the General Settings of the terminal.

  7. OKX

    1. Fixed the error Order not placed. Error 51000. Message: Parameter px error when placing orders on the exchange.

  8. BitMEX

    1. Fixed the error "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found" on the client side of the terminal, which prevented order placement and account data retrieval on the exchange.

    2. Fixed an error that prevented the retrieval of up-to-date historical data from Tiger.Trade servers for BitMEX instruments.

  9. SmartCOM

    1. Fixed an error that prevented connection to the ITinvest broker servers.


  1. Added the ability to set and remember the trading volume in both the base currency and the quote currency. To activate, open the volume dropdown menu in the windows DOM or Chart and choose the currency in which the volume will be set.

  2. Synchronized the volumes used in the dropdown menus between the DOM and Chart windows.

  3. Added the ability to hide accounts with zero balances in the table. This setting can be activated in the Settings menu by selecting "Hide zero balances."

  4. Added the ability to receive order execution notifications in the Telegram messenger. This setting can be activated in the Settings - Telegram alerts menu. Beside that, Telegram alerts are now available for sending not only to Telegram-bot, but to channels as well.

  5. Added the ability to customize levels in the Fibonacci Time Zones indicator, similar to Fibonacci Retracement indicator in the Chart window. Current suggestion was one of the top 10 most popular on our feedback portal.

  6. Added the percentage change in price compared to the previous bar to the window in the OHLC information line of the Chart.

  7. Adjusted the margins in the linked Statistics window: now double-clicking on a trade row centers the window and displays the executed trade in the middle of the instrument's Chart.

  8. Removed the minimum volume restriction of 10 for the Big Trades indicator.


  1. The speed of receiving and rendering data from exchanges has been increased. Now, information in the DOM, Trade Tape, and Chart windows updates more smoothly and quickly, without jerks or delays.

  2. The Volume Profile indicator has been optimized to reduce PC resource consumption.

  3. The Cluster Search indicator has been optimized to perform calculations only when there are changed data, instead of continuously as before.

Bug Fixes

  1. Numerous errors related to the operation of defensive strategies have been fixed, including issues with applying strategies only on the second attempt, incorrect behavior when working with MetaTrader 5 and QUIK, and issues after restarting the terminal.

  2. Fixed issue with incorrect synchronization of levels between the windows of the terminal.

  3. The problem with non-functional hotkeys for zooming in, zooming out, and resetting the scale in the Chart window after restarting the terminal has been resolved.

  4. Deleting tables contents when pressing the window expansion hotkey has been fixed.

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